Permanent Exhibition of Stadtmuseum Simeonstift

Client: Stadtmuseum Simeonstift
Location: Trier / Germany
Year: 2007
Supervision: Horst Campman


The museum is housed in the Romanesque Simeonstift, a medieval collegiate foundation, next to the Porta Nigra. The museum exhibits art and cultural treasures from the Middle Ages up to the 21st century, the basic inventory emanating from significant donations by well-known Trier townspeople. Thus the collections are widely diverse, consisting of paintings, sculptures, arts and crafts, Coptic textiles, furnishings, and small East Asian sculptures.

The 900 objects in the entire collection are exhibited in an area of altogether 10,765 ft²/1,000 m². Models, interactive areas, and a wide range of 40 multi-media presentations in the form of films, image sequences, and listening stations supplement the exhibits. The permanent exhibition focuses on the history of Trier.