Mozart - A Child Prodigy exhibition

Client: National Museum of Singapore
Location: Singapore
Year: 2008
Supervision: Horst Campman


Presented by the National Museum of Singapore from 1st May to 6th July 2008 and organised in collaboration with Zoom Kindermuseum and Da Ponte Institut, Vienna. Number of visitors: 26,000.

Designed as a huge stage with backdrops, stage effects, costumes and props, the exhibition "Mozart, A Child Prodigy" invites children to playfully explore and discover both Mozart and the Rococo period. Amidst these settings children discover two aspects of the composer - Mozart as a child and Mozart as a child prodigy.

In addition to biographical facts, the exhibition also focuses on the history of everyday life in the 18th century, vividly illustrating the differences between life in the past and today in a number of different areas: travelling, fashion and beauty ideals, games, hygiene and medicine, aesthetics, role models and feelings.