The World of Ili Kronstein exhibition 

Client: Landesmuseum Liechtenstein
Location: Vaduz / Liechtenstein
Year: 2005
Supervision: Horst Campman


In May 1945, the World War II ended in Europe, the National Socialist German Reich was defeated. Millions of people had lost their homes, were expelled, deported or killed. The Principality of Liechtenstein was spared and remained the destination of many refugees.

In 1938, after the "annexation" of Austria to the German Reich, the Jewish artist Ili Kronstein fled with her daughters Gerda and Nora from the Nazis Vienna to Liechtenstein, where her husband ran the "Francis" - Apotheke.

The exhibition tells the history of the Kronstein family in Liechtenstein and gives insights into the life and work of two daughters Gerda Lerner and Nora Kronstein Rose, who continued the courageous course of Ili Kronstein. Gerda Lerner has lived since 1939 in the US and is now the major grande dame of women's historiography. Nora Kronstein Rose has lived since 1962 in Israel and is a renowned textile designer and visual artist.

"The World of Ili Kronstein" covers many facets. Central are Ili Kronsteins works of 1938 - 1943, their personality and biography, as well as the works of her daughters. The exhibition explores the services and relations in the family, whose fate is that of many refugee families of the thirties and forties of the last century.