PARTNER Culture+Projects GmbH
Lindengasse 25/9 . 1070 Vienna . Austria
+43 1 375 55 55

Horst Campman
Managing Director
Mob +43 664 103 22 57

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Horst Campman is the founder of PARTNER Culture+Projects. Previously he was Managing Director of Artex Art Services, the leading supplier of museum and art services in Austria at that time. He has organised over 500 exhibitions in Austria and abroad.

Having almost 30 years' experience in the field of museum and exhibition management, he has been a frequent lecturer at Donau-Universität in Krems, ARS Akademie für Recht, Steuern und Wirtschaft in Vienna and University of Applied Arts in Vienna. 

Nicolai Rigler
Project Management
Mob +43 664 828 49 80

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Nicolai Rigler has been working at PARTNER Culture+Projects since its foundation. He is responsible for project management and for technical implementation of art projects. For almost ten years he has been successfully involved in the field of museum and exhibition management; prior to that - in interior design. An architect by education, he had also experiences as a carpenter.

Ekaterina Stolbova

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Ekaterina Stolbova is a marketing manager at PARTNER Culture+Projects. Ekaterina obtained a Master’s degree in marketing at Vienna University of Economics and Business, specialising in online marketing and digital communications. Over the past years she has been working in this sphere for companies in various sectors, amongst others organising international film festivals. 

Eva Wohlschlager
Human Resources
Mob +43 650 800 08 66

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Eva Wohlschlager is in charge of human resources at PARTNER Culture+Projects. She has been working in this field for almost ten years, including more than five years in art-related companies. Her particular focus is on recruiting, personnel and organisation development. Being a Certified Human Resources, Education and Quality Manager, she also gained experience in payroll administration in Australia.